Why invest in °CRYO

Increase the net value of clients

New products give you the opportunity to generate more income from every customer you already have

Increase your business foot traffic

Allows you to attract new customers and their frequency of visits

Ability to build your brand image and competitive advantage

through offering the newest innovative wellness solution. Your clients take advantage of the most advanced Cryo solutions to recover and rejuvenate.

Trusted by medical professionals

Gain client respect by offering products trusted by Medical professionals, Beauty & Wellness experts and Sports Recovery specialists

Grow with the rapidly expanding Cryotherapy market

Invest in the cryotherapy market with a CAGR of 9-10%

Diversify the source of your income

Earn more per client, offering new services which they can utilise within your business

Industry Growth

The cryotherapy market is projected to reach USD 318.8 million by 2024 from USD 206.3 million in 2019

9.1% CAGR

Cryotherapy geographical snapshot

The device delivers the best session experience in the industry.
Thanks to the heat exchange technology users never come into contact with cryogenic gases, instead they are exposed to safe breathable air. °CRYO Arctic Performance LITE is the only machine that accurately measures the temperature inside the cryochamber in order to deliver the most effective experience.

100% breathable no contact with nitrogen

SmartTech Wi-Fi communication with service support

Blootooth connection for personalized experience

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ROI estimates

150% ROI within 1 year - For existing businesses

200% within 2 years - For new businesses

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This modern mobile device offers the ability to perform localized applications to a specific area. With its ergonomic design, pre-programmed session protocols and built-in safety features, the device exceeds the highest standards in localized cryo applications.

Safer Advanced features like distance control and skin temperature sensor

Intelligent Design Pre-programmed protocols for particular parts of the body

Ultra Efficient Lower nitrogen consumption for higher ROI

Mobile Compact size, lightweight and portable

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ROI estimates

200% ROI within 1 year - For existing businesses

250% within 2 years - For new businesses

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The device allows to perform non-invasive and pain-free sessions involving thermal shock for slimming, anti-ageing, rejuvenating and physiotherapeutic results. The cooperating procedures - contrast cryo-lipolysis, thermal shock, and LED therapy effects - allow for extremely effective results


Body Contouring



Best suited for

Slimming/weight management

ROI estimates

120% ROI within 1 year - For existing businesses

180% within 2 years - For new businesses –

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CRYO Science is trusted by

The US Air Force


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